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Deers and Stags

Opened the garage door and the deer were walking through the compound. Normally only see them in winter so it was a nice surprise. Different story, near the gate a lone deer which may have a young one ran at the dog and headbutted him knocking him over.

Great result for George Hewick who came to the school a few years ago and went away and built an Escort with his dad Tom. 10th O/A at Greystokes rally. Results getting better and better.

School cars all steam cleaned and on the ramps. Limited slip differential rebuilds this week, and as always full spanner check. All the days seem to be hot, the same as last year so hard on the cars and the drivers.

Owen (our 12 year old nephew) had a great result on Scarborough Auto Grass meeting. Three 2nd places so well happy with that.

First for us a stag do on the morning of the wedding. Some of the guys had flown in from Australia, they all loved it.

On one of the T.i. Rallyschools course days mixed in with the spectators was someone we had not seen for about 30 years. Bob Morrow which was a big surprise. We sort of sponsored him in his Talbot Sunbeam and Escort on road rallies. Great driver and a good laugh. Also Paul Bramley who has had success 4 x 4 off roading who came with his dad and ex rally driver.

Rob Ineson who worked on Aircraft at Lynton On Ouse told us it was closing. Stefan Broughton ex road and stage driver did the school. He used to navigate for Dave Boyes in ex Alan Larkin MKI Escort. Also Pete Slights and I think Ivor Ingham. There also Alan from Scotland and Dave who was looking to buy an Escort. Days hot and wet but great fun. It can be just as slippy in the dry with the dust, like driving on sand.