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November Cleaning

First job is always to steam clean the Rallyschool cars on stands. Wheels off and try and keep away from the wheel bearings.

After that job a run on the airfield to dry things off. And then onto the ramps to replace any parts that need replacing and adjust other parts.

One of the school cars needs a new engine so the first job is to take that out and strip it. Put spare engine in and the old one is off to York for machining and new parts.

The weather for the Rallyschools was wet the first morning which makes it hard to predict how much grip there is on the route. In the afternoon it started to dry which made the mud spread all over the route which was as slippy as it gets. But with having no power steering it does make it a bit easier to feel grip.

This week we had Paul who has just started Historic rallying and brothers Clive and Craig, one of which did some classic road rallies in the past such as the Illuminations. They are now building an Opel Ascona to have a go in.

It must be a strange thing to do when you are so used to normal driving. We had a group from London about 20 years ago and one guy stood out as he hardly spoke to the others. And it looks like he got himself into a state as when we set off on the route he screamed a bit and bit his tounge. He was having an epileptic fit. He was probably in his 30’s and this was the first time he had had a fit.

We called and ambulance and got him out of the car and laid him down in the recovery position. He had come out of it by the time the ambulance came and his brother who was also taking part said being strapped into the seat and having the helmet was probably the safest place to be.

Well done to Dave Hornbrooke on his 3rd O/A at Weeton Camp.

Autograss with Owen (now 13 years old) at York Autograss. He didn’t get going on the first 2 races but on the 3rd he got in among them and got a brilliant 2nd place.

There have been a few One to Ones over the past month so there may be more people rallying at club level which would be great to get the numbers up on local rallies.