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All of us here at T.i. Rallyschool Melbourne York had the flu last month so we had to postpone some of the Rally school courses.

This decision wasn’t taken lightly but Mick had to go in to hospital for a few days and needed 2 weeks to recover. But all’s well now.

We ran in a school engine a few weeks ago on running in oil. We then put new oil in and it was good to go.

Next thing to hit was the non-stop rain so we had to spend a few days with the JCB to sort all the standing water and clearing ditches around the workshop.

Melbourne village got flooded so we were lucky it didn’t happen to us.

On the second day of the Rally schools in the group were 3 sisters, Brooke, Kelsey, Georgia and brother Callan. It’s always great when families do a course together.

On one of the other school days was Ian Danskin an old mate of Ian Tunny. There were 3 Ian’s on that session who all owned Mitsubishi Starions.

Ian Danskin did road rallies such as the Otley Motor club and Colman Tyres. He did say that he had leant his Starion to a friend and it had set on fire and was destroyed a week later. Someone put a picture of it on fire on Facebook very strange!

In the same group was Craig who worked for Volvo and had been on many track days and skidpan but none of that prepared him for rallying he said.

This week Andy and brother Scott returned after ten years to T.i. Rallyschool, it was also Steve’s 70th birthday present. He also told me about leaving his house keys in the hotel safe abroad and returning home without them.

Saturday’s group included another Steve who worked on the future Bentley cars where one of the things they do is send you out in a stretch left hand drive Bentley with an instructor on a country road to see how you go on.

Graham did rallies 30 years ago and his very first stage rally was on Melbourne Airfield where we are based, small world.

Well that’s all from the T.i. Rallyschool blog