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March Update

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Cars washed and spanner checked for the next school days. All fitted with new clutches as that’s one of the parts that gets a lot of punishment. Work started on new shell, new inner wings, front wings, floor sections, door skins etc. Should look nice when it’s finished and should last a few years. Never stopped raining here, some places   Read more…


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All of us here at T.i. Rallyschool Melbourne York had the flu last month so we had to postpone some of the Rally school courses. This decision wasn’t taken lightly but Mick had to go in to hospital for a few days and needed 2 weeks to recover. But all’s well now. We ran in a school engine a few weeks ago on running in oil. We then put new oil   Read more…

November Cleaning

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First job is always to steam clean the Rallyschool cars on stands. Wheels off and try and keep away from the wheel bearings. After that job a run on the airfield to dry things off. And then onto the ramps to replace any parts that need replacing and adjust other parts. One of the school cars needs a new engine so the first job is to take that out   Read more…

A Good Investment

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Great groups this weekend. Hot and dry weather with a nice breeze. In one of the groups was Colin and James. They showed us some pictures of the 2 Escorts they are restoring, including a RS2000. Good luck guys, all the hard work will be worth it when you have them up and running. In another group was Steve. When I asked if he had any good stories   Read more…

Vale of York Stages and a Red Kite

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Sunday September 8th. Me and Mick did the Vale of York stages run by Lindholme Motor club. We were always going to do it in the Escort but problems with the axle meant we had to enter the Evo. Only one service crew which was Daz but he’s like 2 men so no problem. We had some second hand Pirelli tyres so fitted them on. Not sat in the Evo for a   Read more…

August News

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The days all went well, lots of happy people. The cars ran great just a couple of punctures. Mick has taken all the Quaife gearboxes out and rebuilt them. On one of the days was Andy Duckett, back after 18 years. Jamie his son wasn’t born when Andy last came. Another guy taking part who’s daughter was a British Autograss champion. One of the   Read more…

Deers and Stags

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Opened the garage door and the deer were walking through the compound. Normally only see them in winter so it was a nice surprise. Different story, near the gate a lone deer which may have a young one ran at the dog and headbutted him knocking him over. Great result for George Hewick who came to the school a few years ago and went away and built   Read more…

Blogging Again

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Sounds boring but the van is in need of a service and front bearing needed replacing. So now that’s sorted the cars all need steam cleaning before they can be serviced ready for the next school days. They do seem to spend a lot of time on the ramps but it’s the only way to keep them reliable. Little job this week fabricate a new centre console   Read more…

Our new blog

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This is the start of our new T.i. Rallyschool blog. We started as a garage in Leeds but within 6 months we were bored of doing peoples cars so switched to buying and selling Rally cars and parts. We used to go all over the UK buying cars in the days before the internet or camera phones. We could be going to look at a Rally car in say Scotland on   Read more…