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Blogging Again

Sounds boring but the van is in need of a service and front bearing needed replacing. So now that’s sorted the cars all need steam cleaning before they can be serviced ready for the next school days. They do seem to spend a lot of time on the ramps but it’s the only way to keep them reliable. Little job this week fabricate a new centre console for one of the cars.

Here’s a story for you. A guy came to the school a while ago, asked him for any good stories. He said he nearly didn’t come to the school. He said he was an electrician and the other day he had just stepped out of a hole when the water main lid blew off. (Lucky fellow) He had a good day with us.

No emails this week. BT messed things up again but all working now.

We are thinking of selling our Honda Pacer off road Karts as we no longer use them. I remember going to pick some parts up from Honda in Hull, when we got there they started getting all these boxes out and gave us a bill for thousands. Can’t remember which part we had ordered but it was only one. They had mistakenly ordered 100. Oops!

Just found out from Mark Sand who runs the Hull Motor show that it has been cancelled. (Mark came to the school a few years ago and has since started rallying again). So nowhere to give the 6R4 a run out now. Will have to look for somewhere to run it but not on a timed event. Don’t want to damage it.

The other week an old mate Steve Preece brought his two daughters over for a ride in the T.i. Rallyschool cars. Steve had a nice Escort MII similar to the school cars which he used to bring out for one or two rallies a year. He sold it and bought a nice VW camper van.